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The creative opportunity

Dahl had a routine to make his work happen. He would sequester himself for 7 hours a day, evidence not only of his commitment but also his privilege. I don’t disagree, I think however creativity, whether writing, painting, whatever needs to be far more opportunistic for most people. I’m thinking here of JK Rowling who wrote while the baby slept, while the dishes sat unwashed, who wrote in cafes as it was too cold at home. I have little bags of kit that I have with me all the time so that if I have a spare moment, I’m ready.

Why? Because few of us have that sort of privilege, especially women and honestly, I don’t want to lock myself away and miss seeing my most important, beautiful creation grow. I am no less committed to my art, my other work because of that, I just need to be better organised.

It takes discipline and planning; sometimes I’m not feeling creative at all but there is always something to move the work forward. This is something I share regularly with my students who might not at that moment not feel at all creative, who might honestly do their best work at night rather than in the allotted slot for that subject. There is so much more to the creation of the work than the just the final articulation of work, so much necessary back story… don’t waste a moment…

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what a day!

Yup, that’s a real life car number plate. I want it, on a day that started with realising I’ve lost my very expensive glasses, just before getting rained on (even tho the met office forgot to mention this until they looked out of their window and saw it had rain drops on it) oh and also saw me later on, still wearing my busking frilly skirt while chasing a mummy pig and her piglets down a road and then later out of our wood… Yeah living the f***ing dream. FML.

I’ve seriously had enough of today…. At bedtime my daughter, who was protesting that it wasn’t fair that she had to go to bed, was genuinely surprised when told her that actually being a grown up sucks quite a lot. That while you can choose to stay up late and eat whatever you want, the reality is that mostly you’re too tired and the cupboards are empty (of chocolate, crisps and cider) That the only good thing about being a grown up is that I couldn’t be her mummy if I wasn’t an adult and she’s the best thing ever and makes it all worth it; Yeah. Some days are like that. They suck. A lot. And just when you think you’ve reached peak suck-dom then something else throws itself your way (like your neighbours escaped pigs 🐖)

So now, in the relative quiet of our home, before phoning my husband who is away busking in Bath I can reflect. That actually I really enjoyed playing today, that that lady who took he trouble to cross the road to shout “Rubbish” at me as she walked past must be quite an unhappy person to feel the need to do that sort of crap, andthat I’ve had my fair share of 💩jobs in the past and I am forever grateful to be able to sing and play guitar and that some people like it and give me money. That the highlight of my busking day was when a blind man carefully found his way to my case to give me money. He said I made his day. He made mine too, I gave him a CD. Hope he enjoys it.

Yey! So jaded, yes… Worn out, yes but also grateful, blessed and humbled.

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Small Town Girl

We’re on a sort of Working Holiday. Camping in an amazing campsite near Looe and busking.

Yesterday we were in Looe. My husband went first and charmed the locals and tourists alike with his amazing voice and trumpet. By the time it was my turn to play I admitted to our little girl that I was worried people might not like my stuff. She’s like a little one person cheerleading team, she was sure people would like it. I was also a bit on the back foot as this is where I grew up. Lots of memories, like most people, some of them good, some of them not so much!

I had already bumped in to an old school friend, we sat at the same table in top infants! And I’d popped in to see another school friend who I’d not seen since I was pregnant. That helped take the nerves away. As always though, once I start playing I lose myself in the songs and just enjoy it.

Today I was in Polperro while Jerri and our little one had a quiet day. I tried (unsuccessfully) to find the house my friend used to live in. All the houses in this part of the world seem to be clinging to cliff faces and ravines as if a giant picked them up and shoved them all in to the cracks; it’s beautiful. I played in the shade and it was surprisingly cold; I stoped when my fingers went numb! I loved it though. I shall get back.

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Only positivity today

Today I’m feeling really quite groggy with a cold; not bad enough to stay home, but enough to make things a lot harder. So I’ve been making an extra effort to be positive after all being miserable isn’t going to make me feel any better. This picture is post-busk…. I look pretty wan!!!

when I arrived at the high street I actively invited positivity today. You might be surprised but people can behave quite aggressively towards buskers … I’ve been sworn at, shouted at and had to fend off unwanted physical contact from shoppers in the past and I wanted none of this today!

So when the lady in a nearby shop stalked up, stood way too close and, with her hands on her hips snarled “if you HAVE to be here today then don’t stand here and repeat the same songs for 3 hours” I smiled, I assured her I don’t repeat songs or at least not on purpose! ( I know over 4 hours of songs so why would I, in fact if it’s often a real conundrum which ones to leave out as I love all the songs I play) I didn’t bother pointing out that neither do I play for 3 hours except very occasionally when I’ve lost track of time, (usually my battery gives out well before 3 hours!) There was no point. She was shouting over me that I do repeat songs and I simply smiled.

I remembered a conversation with a friend who is a very good folk musician. She was telling me a story about how she’d gone to a Rockabilly night and all the songs sounded the same. She reflected that she didn’t enjoy the style that much and wondered if folk songs sound the same to someone who felt the same way. I had to agree that because I don’t know the genre and I can take it or leave it, many of the folk songs do sound very similar to me; It all comes down to personal taste.

I get that what might not be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why I don’t play the same spots every day, or even every week and don’t play for more than a couple of hours. I have a live and let live attitude. I also know that many people enjoy my music. Even so, it’s hard when someone is so determined to make it a personal attack. I kept my positive approach. It took some doing… ‘only kindness today’ I thought.

As she continued to snarl at me I could have countered with a personal attack on her. I didn’t. After she walked away I watched her while she was obviously being negative towards me to other people. I ignored her. Why? Because her opinion of me has very little to do with me and a lot to do with her.

I called my husband who has many years busking experience and is always so positive and supportive, it was good to chat . As I was setting up a couple of people came over saying how nice it was to see me and how much they enjoy my music. Again, while this was lovely it has very little to do with me and a great deal to do with personal taste.

So I played for a couple of hours (if that) and packed up; I was cold and my throat is sore. During that time I lost count of the people who were very positive and enjoyed my arrangements of well known tunes. In fact, apart from that lady, I had no negativity today, not even (my particular favourite) when a group of women give each other side eye and then move their bags furthest from me… seriously ladies what do you think I’m going to do- grab your bags, sling them on my trolley and run off down the high street!! 😂😂

Anyway I’m home now, we had some lovely family time visiting some lambs, the girl is in bed, as is my wonderful husband (he’s got the same bug as me) and I’m going to sleep now. Here’s to a good night and to feeling better tomorrow 💤💤💤💤💤💤