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The creative opportunity

Dahl had a routine to make his work happen. He would sequester himself for 7 hours a day, evidence not only of his commitment but also his privilege. I don’t disagree, I think however creativity, whether writing, painting, whatever needs to be far more opportunistic for most people. I’m thinking here of JK Rowling who wrote while the baby slept, while the dishes sat unwashed, who wrote in cafes as it was too cold at home. I have little bags of kit that I have with me all the time so that if I have a spare moment, I’m ready.

Why? Because few of us have that sort of privilege, especially women and honestly, I don’t want to lock myself away and miss seeing my most important, beautiful creation grow. I am no less committed to my art, my other work because of that, I just need to be better organised.

It takes discipline and planning; sometimes I’m not feeling creative at all but there is always something to move the work forward. This is something I share regularly with my students who might not at that moment not feel at all creative, who might honestly do their best work at night rather than in the allotted slot for that subject. There is so much more to the creation of the work than the just the final articulation of work, so much necessary back story… don’t waste a moment…

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Songs that sing in my heart #1

And you and I from Close To The Edge is one of my all time favourites. It’s an epic song from the days when bands wrote songs that lasted more than 3 minutes and you listen to the all the way through cos they’re flipping epic!

This one is not only a great song it’s one that my Dad set to some old cine footage of my mum and my sister and I. Mum died when we were very young and this song has worn a groove in my heart.