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Say What?

I’m working on a few new songs. One of my favourite songs of all times is Eloise by The Damned. It’s a big song but I’m sure I can pull it off.  I’m going to be dipping my toe in the water of guitar fx pedals too….First things first though, how many times have you thought you knew the lyrics and then, well Peter Kay says it best…. 

Also, this is one of the (many) songs I didn’t know was a cover…. I still like The Damned version best…..and who knew Barbra Streisand did Don’t Rain On my Parade before Japan? Not me until my wedding day when my Husband’s daughters (West End Musical Theatre Star) put me straight! In case you’re not familiar with the Japan version here it is

I love David Sylvian’s  voice both in Japan and solo; Secrets of the Beehive will continue to be one of my most loved albums.  Anyway, I digress, MUST LEARN THE WORDS!



busking, music, street life

Some songs are worth it…

Back in Newton Abbot today. It’s Market Day but there are hardly any stalls which is a shame all round. There are many ideas as to why the market has died but I’m not sure the revamp of the town centre will help much. I was a bit worried as just as I was about to start playing some workmen appeared on the rooftops by the canopy that’s apparent going to come down. I was hopeful that they weren’t about to start! I needn’t have worried. I chatted to the supervisor who said that work happens overnight; makes sense, it’s quite some undertaking.

Anyway, today was the first time I felt comfortable playing Female of the species’ (Space not The Walker Brothers!) I love that song. It was in the charts in my last year at Coventry University where I was doing an HND in music composition. We had a house party at the end of the summer term – a great party from what I can remember. I think we played it a lot that night.

It’s got such a good vibe to it along with all those good memories but no amount of practice it seemed helped me to settle in to it. There are songs like that and usually I either bin them or come back to them later but I have kept going with this one. Finally today I felt at home with it… hurrah for me!!!😂😂