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Songs that sing in my heart #2

Who inspires me? Alison Moyet for one! I was lucky enough to see her at #GlastonburyFestival a few years ago. I was right near the front… very important for a short ass like me.

She was amazing and her performance of this song was electric ⚡️. Loved her voice since Yazoo all that power and emotion.

This is a great song – Right as Rain love the lyrics, her voice, the synths all of it. And I wish I could write songs that you can dance to, but I don’t, yet.

If you can’t find peace in my arms
Find dis-ease in my arms
As you please in my arms

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Songs that sing in my heart #1

And you and I from Close To The Edge is one of my all time favourites. It’s an epic song from the days when bands wrote songs that lasted more than 3 minutes and you listen to the all the way through cos they’re flipping epic!

This one is not only a great song it’s one that my Dad set to some old cine footage of my mum and my sister and I. Mum died when we were very young and this song has worn a groove in my heart.

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Time for reflection

Me at the end of every month: omg I can’t believe it’s [insert month here] already.
But really I can’t believe it’s August tomorrow. And pretty much every month review this last year or so has gone ‘This has been such a hard month…..’ and then I go list every thing I’ve done; I have pushed so hard and achieved so much and the reflective process of journaling affirms this time and again. So yeah, Go Me!!!! 🎉 🏆 🎊

That’s why I’m leaving August blank if only for a few hours and sit here in the library, listening to the lady cut decorations for the next promo and watching the lovely one read. Seriously, scissors on card is literally one of my favourite sounds in the world. ✂️ Kinda wishing I’d bought by zoom though…..