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The weekend we should’ve been at Glastonbury

Well this weekend we hoped to be playing at Glastonbury at Crooners Corner. That was before lockdown. So here are some clips of me, standing on the tail lift of our converted truck, singing some of the songs I would have sung….

Fingers crossed for next year and hoping there still is a ‘Creative industry’ following lockdown….. 😘

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Blue Steel

I saw these and those of you of a similar age will know why I couldn’t resist buying them. You know what? They sound good!

This is all part of the ongoing saga of my cracked guitar. It got too dry being played in the heat. It’s still at Manson’s being repaired… 😥😥😥

My wonderful husband, Jerri has been re-stringing all the guitars in the house. I have a nickel allergy and so normally use the Elixir strings but thought these would have to be worth a go on my trusty old Takamine… I might use it next time I go busking….


Quick Sketch…

I’m taking some time out between putting the washing away to have a practice… Little and often works well for me. I’ve worked out the chords, I’ve learned the words… putting them all together is still a challenge! Normally I play this slower – there’s no point practicing at speed as you just learn mistakes but I thought I’d have a go at playing it at tempo… Ragged!

It’s going to be a cold week so there will be plenty of time to practice so I might well update later in week.  Anyway. I thought there might be some folk out there with a name for my mystery chords. I could work them out but I haven’t yet and I use them all the time so … any ideas and the best one gets a free CD….. Shape wise it’s like an upside down half dim… answers on postcard…..



Blue sky-is that a whiff of spring

So I’ve dropped the girl off at school and it’s a lovely sunny day. So much milder than yesterday when I got so cold I started to forget the words to songs and my fingers stopped moving… time to stop!

I like town before I start playing, it’s emptiness, but that’s no good for busking so then I wait. Usually I have some knitting with me but I’m working on something a bit tricky which doesn’t lend itself to being shoved in a bag and worked on standing up.

I’ve got a few new songs I’d like to try; they’re almost ready so looking forward to that. But today is about just being out and playing just for the joy of it.

Time to put my frock and face on!



singing with Mic.jpg

I planned to go out busking today but it’s seriously windy and chucking it down with rain.  So I’ve been productive. I’ve finally sorted out my website! Hoo-Flamin-Rah!… check it out.

It’s all a bit basic at the moment, and that’s mainly because it’s made by me but you can buy CD’s and contact me and also find out what other stuff I do.  As times goes on I daresay I’ll get it all a bit more whizz-bangie…. but for now… Hurrah for me!

You might notice it’s a different address but the old one now points to this address – how clever am I!  Nothing left for it but for me to do a bit of a happy dance!