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Sweeter Now

I was planning to do the study in water colour pencils but in the end the oil pastels won out – the colours are so vibrant and tactile. It was so lovely working outside in the woods and the light changing under the leaf canopy gives a real sense or time passing.

The strangest thing though is writing about it afterwards….

Nobody: What’ve you been up to today Lou?
Me: Well, funny you should ask, I’ve been working on a Time Lapse study for Sweeter Now.
Me: it’s one of my songs
Nobody: ah, ok. What’s it about?
Me: Being a mum, loving being a mum. But also being a mum who sometimes sucks at being a mum
Nobody: shuffles awkwardly
Me: I didn’t write it for you.



Life in colour

I’ve been working on art work for the songs I’m writing. This preparatory work is for my song, ‘Look away’.

Today I’ve be working with the oil pastels and white spirit on gessoed paper. It’s changed how the colours took to the paper, some of it good, some of it not so good.

I still might use powder paint for the final work, but I like experimenting, and learning from the mistakes and things that don’t go to plan.