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Found sound

It’s been a busy day! This morning my husband and I were with a group of yr6 students. We were getting them to create soundscapes with sounds from a mix of natural and man made objects.

The kids had not used BandLab before but took to it Luke sucks to water. I like BandLab over GarageBand as it’s accessible to people on both Apple and Android and so is more inclusive. They made some great recordings and put together some really interesting soundscapes . We were really impressed with their engagement and focus, as well as the soundscapes they created.

After a lovely coffee in the sun with my husband, followed by the school run I managed to get some recordings of our beaten up discovery for one of my new songs. And now? Off to teach yoga 🧘‍♀️ 🙏

paper art, paper cut, recording

Sunny days and paper cuts

It’s been a great day. I spent the afternoon with the lovely one showing her how to use BandLab and helping her make a soundscapes of her half term holiday. We had a ball!

Then, after bedtime I’ve been working on a paper cut self portrait for one of my songs. It’s not quite right yet but I’m please with the progress. And now I can see the paper cut I can see what needs to change.

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Wind, Rain and Shadows

We started the day recording trumpet 🎺 for one of my tracks, #Free; would have done more but the wind and rain was too noisy! I’ve not recorded trumpet before but between the two of us it went well..

So I’ve been working on the shadow theatre 🎭 for #Gaslight and wearing my Christmas 🎄 jumper to keep warm….

what have you been up to on this wild wet ☔️ day?