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Taking the old lady out

With my Martin being in the shop for a repair, I’ve been using some of my other guitars. Yes, I have other guitars, who just has one!

I borrowed my husband’s Martin but the jack plug wasn’t working so I went back to my 3/4 Takamini … I played this one when I first started busking. It’s a lovely guitar but it’s not my Martin. So, the last couple of days I’ve been using my Takamine EN30C … the guitar I bought when I was 17.

I traded in a Yamaha jumbo and my dad loaned me the money to buy it. It’s the guitar I busked with acoustically on Spui strasse in Amsterdam. I played it in various bands, at music college, in front of the muted TV ( one of my favourite things) …. I thought it would be to fragile to take out on the street.

Well I have loved playing it. It’s been like taking out an aged relative expecting cream teas and a bit of snooze only to find them drinking shots and dancing on the table. Such a wonderful guitar❣️

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It often seems that when I book our daughter in to childcare to go busking I am jinxed. It rains or there’s deafening building works all around but today takes the biscuit.

On the way into town a branch fell and hit my windscreen, damaging the bodywork making a straight forward replacement impossible. I was so relieved that the little one wasn’t in the van at the time (glass all over the passenger seat) – it could have been so much worse. However now instead of busking I’m sorting out a replacement vehicle so it can be repaired and so we can go camping ….

I’m a bit p***ed off. Still at least it’s stopped raining ….