Portfolio – Falmouth University

Thank you for considering my application for Year 3 – BA (Hons) Popular Music at Falmouth University. If you have any questions please contact me on 07985230858 or louisehelenhart@gmail.com



I arrange and perform well known songs for guitar and voice. My challenge is to ensure the songs still hold something of the original while bringing something new to the table. This started with an arrangement of Bat Out of Hell – Meatloaf, and has grown from there. I now have around 4 hours of material. Most recently I have worked on Death on Two Legs (Queen) , 9-5 (Dolly Parton) and The Greatest Show (from the film and my set list includes songs from the 60s through to the present day. I choose songs that I love, that speak to me on one level or another.

Below is my arrangement of the ‘I’m a Fool’ / You Do Something To Me’ by Frank Sinatra and Paul Weller. Both are so incredibly melancholy and as I worked out I’m a fool, it became clear to me that they needed to be brought together.

I grew up with Queen and my set would not be complete without a good smattering of their songs. Somebody to Love is such a powerful however there is fragility there. I believe I’ve captured this with this more intimate pared down version.

Additional audio recordings are available here.


I am primarily a street performer and as such the performances are temporary and rarely recorded. I do play gigs and private functions, I just don’t enjoy them as much. I regularly play at Glastonbury festival as well as other smaller festivals. There are links to short clips on my website.

In addition, this year we were asked by the Theatre and Circus Field team at Glastonbury to recreate parts of our show at home. These are available here. Along side these are some ‘how to’ tutorials so you can see how I’ve put together the versions I perform which might be of interest.

Previous Studies.

I studied at Coventry University, then Dartington College of Arts. At the time I was composing. At Coventry this was mainly as a singer song writer. At Dartington, in addition to song writing , I began to experiment with text using chance procedures and internal rules in the compositional process. I greatly enjoyed my time on these courses; I was unable to complete the course at Dartington due to financial and personal pressures at the time. The transcripts are below.

Coventry HND

Dartington Dip HE

Later, while working in the Housing sector, I undertook Postgraduate level qualifications. At UWE I started the Masters in Housing. I completed the first year gaining a Post Graduate Certificate. I did not complete the course as I left the Housing Sector to pursue more a creative life. Housing Policy and Community Renewal modules were course work based while Housing Law and Management modules were assessed with an exam. Click below for the transcript.

Post Grad Cert – Housing

In addition I also completed a Level 7 qualification, which was the first 2 years of a Masters in Business Management. This was was required as part of my job role.

Management Level 7