Guitar Lessons

I often get asked if I give guitar lessons and the answer I always give is ‘sometimes’ and I give them a card. People always look bemused but when I’m in the middle of playing I don’t have the time to explain.

So here it is. Yes I do but it’s a two way thing. I give lessons to people who practice and by practice I mean play between lessons. I don’t want the money that badly to teach people who don’t play between lessons. That might sound harsh but it makes sense all round really!

I will teach you enough music theory to understand the make up of chords and so on, help you learn songs that you’d like to play and most importantly I’ll encourage you to explore the guitar and find your own style.

So if you want lessons and want to play the stuff I teach you in lessons between lessons then email me at

If you want to see some of my arrangements and teaching style, check out my youtube videos