Guitar Lessons

How I teach.

Lessons with me are fun and informal. I will teach you to play some great songs from beginner level upwards, enough music theory to understand how chords are made and the different components of songs so that you will feel comfortable and confident playing with others. I’ll help you learn songs that you’d like to play and most importantly I’ll encourage you to explore the guitar and find your own style.

The best part of teaching the guitar is seeing people progress and being part of their journey to discovering the musician that they are. I don’t ask people to practice between lessons, I ask them to play, to have fun on their instrument and I give them the tools they need to be able to learn effectively. Remember, playing an instrument is a skill and like any skill it takes time to develop so I don’t get too specific about how much playing, just an expectation that it will happen to some extent in order for the skills to develop in your own good time.

How Often Should I Play?

There’s no ‘should’ about it, it’s more about how often can I play. Remember, you’re taking lessons because you want to. If you start with this mind set it will bring its success. Life is busy and many of us have lots of commitments but rather than it being a chore, something to be ticked off a list, I suggest that you look to the guitar as a way of relaxing and being in the moment.

I suggest you pick up your guitar every single day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. If you have space at home, I suggest leaving it out of its case somewhere safe but accessible so you can pick it up really easily.  Inevitably you’ll miss a day here and there, some days however you’ll play for longer than others, sometimes you’ll feel like you’re not getting anywhere but you will be. It all adds up.

Do you teach group lessons?

Yes, if you’d rather take lessons with others then let me know – this can be a great way of learning as you learn from each other as well as me!

Do You Teach Grades?

No, I don’t, if you would like this sort of tuition, I can recommend other teachers.

Book A Taster Lesson

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If you want to see some of my arrangements and teaching style, check out my youtube videos

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